Diana Krupp

hi HealthInnovations hearing professional serving the following areas:

- Milwaukee
- Brookfield

Diana Krupp is an experienced, licensed hearing professional serving the greater Milwaukee area. Ms. Krupp’s extensive experience working in the medical field is easily recognized by her high quality patient care, professionalism, and overall expertise. Ms. Krupp works passionately with her patients and their families, educating them about hearing loss and how it impacts their quality of life. She is a valuable resource to families and other professionals as she shares knowledge and works with these people to provide the best solution for each situation. She looks forward to helping you with your hearing healthcare needs.

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Hear what customers are saying about Diana Krupp.

Diana was excellent, patient and helpful. Overall the experience was very good, and my hearing aids are working well, too.
- Daniel W.   Burlington, WI

Diana was very kind and helpful. She explained things about the hearing aids very well.
- Alvin L.   Jackson, WI

Diana was very courteous and helpful, as well as very professional.
- Dale W.  Waterford, WI

Diana was excellent - very helpful, patient and kind. The hearing aids are wonderful. I forgot how much I was missing!
- Marie B.  New Berlin, WI

My experience with Diana was very good. I am very happy with how she explained everything.
- Loren N.  West Bend, WI

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