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Level of hearing loss
Mild to Moderately Severe Severe Mild to Moderately Severe
Fits Comfortably
Behind the Ear

Behind the Ear

Inside the Ear Canal

L 1.05 L 1.05 L .62
Automatic Volume Adjustments
Helps you hear soft sounds while keeping loud noises at a comfortable level
Directional Processing
Enhances the sounds in front of you while reducing background noise
Tri-Mode Noise Reduction
Reduces environmental noises to make listening to speech more comfortable
Comfortable Open Fit Design
Provides a more natural sound quality
Severe hearing loss requires a custom ear mold
Helps you hear on the telephone and connects to FM or audio loops

(Optional, $30)

(Included in price)

12 Gain Adjustment Bands
Allows for more custom programming to your specific hearing needs 
Free Nationwide Support
Video chats, telephone, and in-person  Free programming adjustments
70 Day No Risk Trial
Protection Plan for as low as 14¢ a day


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Save Thousands on Digital Hearing Aids

State-of-the-art hearing aids comparable to those that cost thousands more

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Jen's hearing aid


Custom-Programmed with Nationwide support

Advanced technology enables:

✔ Custom-programming of the hearing aid digital chip  

✔ Convenient home delivery

Nationwide support:

✔ Daily Q&A sessions with hearing experts

✔ Toll-free support from product specialists  

✔ In-person support in many cities

✔ How to videos and communications tips

✔ On-Demand Video Chat


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