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hi ITC™
hi BTE™
hi BTE™ power plus
Level of hearing loss
Mild to Moderate Mild to Moderately Severe Severe
Fits Comfortably
Inside the Ear Canal

Behind the Ear

Behind the Ear

Comfortable Open Fit Design
Design does not obstruct the ear canal, providing a more natural sound quality
Requires a custom ear mold that is not included
Directional Processing
Enhances the amplification of the sounds in front of you while reducing distracting background noise from the side and behind
Leverages the ear's natural localization
Tri-Mode Noise Reduction System
Improves comfort and speech intelligibility by reducing distracting environmental noise
Advanced Feedback Manager
Allows for greater amplification without feedback
Automatic Gain Control
Automatically varies the amount of amplification allowing you to hear soft sounds while keeping loud noises at a comfortable level
Helps you hear while on the telephone. It can connect to FM or audio loops. For example, if you go to an event that is "looped", the sound is transmitted through the loop, directly to your hearing aid(s), eliminating background noise.
Not Applicable Available
L .62 L 1.05 L 1.05
Colors Available
Black, Beige Champagne, Graphite Champagne, Graphite
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Daily Q&A sessions with hearing experts
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