Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing            Hearing Aids

1. Why should I buy from hi HealthInnovations?
✔ Save thousands of dollars on digital, custom programmed hearing aids. We buy in bulk (leveraging the buying power of 115 million people), eliminate supply chain mark-ups, and transfer the savings directly to you
✔ Nationwide support, plus helpful videos, toll-free support 9 am to 5 pm CT, Monday – Friday, and on-demand video chats with experts
✔ No risk 70 day trial period
✔ Convenient home delivery enabled by advanced technology
✔ See what our customers are saying about us!
✔ More reasons why people choose hi HealthInnovations
2. Who is hi HealthInnovations and how do you keep your prices so low?
Given the needs of the rapidly growing hearing impaired population, hi HealthInnovations delivers high quality hearing aids at low prices directly to consumers. Our company is part of UnitedHealth Group, a leading healthcare company that serves over 115 million people. We are able to leverage that buying power to negotiate a very low price for our customers. Our scale and innovative service model keep overhead costs low.
3. What types of hearing aids do you offer and where are they made?
Depending on your hearing loss we offer the following types of hearing aids:
✔ hi ITC: mild to moderately severe hearing loss, nearly invisible and fits comfortably in the ear canal
✔ hi BTE: mild to moderately severe hearing loss, most popular and easy to use 
✔ hi BTE power plus: and hi power max: Severe to profound hearing loss, stylish and easy to use 
Our digital, highly rated hearing aids are manufactured in Minnesota by a company with over 30 years’ experience in hearing health products.
4. Do hi HealthInnovations' hearing aids offer similar technology and quality compared to those that cost thousands more?
hi HealthInnovations' hearing aids offer state-of-the-art digital technology that is of equal or superior quality compared to many devices that are much more expensive. We focus on the features that have proven to enhance sound quality:
Automatic volume adjustments
✔ Helps you hear soft sounds while keeping loud noises at a comfortable level
Directional processing 
✔ Enhances the sounds in front of you while reducing distracting background noise
Advanced feedback manager
✔ Provides more amplification from the hearing aid without causing feedback or whistling
Tri-Mode noise reduction
✔ Reduces environmental noises to make listening to speech more comfortable
12 gain adjustment bands 
✔ Enables the hearing aid to amplify sound at different levels across different pitches, allowing hi HealthInnovations to custom program the hearing aid to your unique needs
Moisture resistant coating
✔ Provides additional protection for your hearing aids from moisture, corrosion and ear wax damage. However, they are still sensitive electronic devices. You will still want to minimize exposure to moisture and take steps to protect your hearing aids.
5. I am ready to buy. What do I need to do?
Call toll-free 855-523-9355 to schedule a hearing test. After your appointment, we will send custom programmed hearing aids directly to you.
Save time if you already have a hearing test from the past year!
Simply send your hearing test results to us via fax, mail, or upload them through our website. Our professionals will review your results and recommend the best hearing aids for you. We'll call you within 3 days of receiving your results and complete your order on the call.
6. Do hearing aids require an in-person fitting?
hi HealthInnovations' hearing aids do not require an in-person fitting unless your hearing loss requires an ear mold. Technology has advanced, so we can custom program your hearing aids based on your hearing test results and mail them directly to your home. In the event your hearing loss does require an ear mold, we will help you schedule an in-person fitting.
Included with your new hearing aids are ear tubes and tips that fit the majority of men/women. We also have alternative sizes we can send, during the trial period, at no cost to you!
7. What kind of support and programming adjustments do you provide?
We provide all of the support needed to ensure our customers are successful hearing aid wearers.
✔ How to-videos, hearing aid tutorial and communications tips
✔ Daily Q&A sessions with hearing experts
✔ Toll-free support from product specialists, 9 am to 5 pm CT, Monday – Friday
✔ On-demand video chats with hearing experts
✔ In-person support in many cities
hi HealthInnovations' hearing aids come with 3 custom programs based on your hearing test results. Spend time using each of the programs to determine which one you like best. We provide free programming adjustments, if needed. Call 855-523-9355 from 9 am to 5 pm CT, Monday – Friday, and we will be happy to help.
8. Are hearing aids covered by health insurance, such as UnitedHealthcare and AARP Medicare Advantage plans?
Many UnitedHealthcare plans cover some or all of the cost of hi HealthInnovations' hearing aids.
✔ If you are enrolled in an AARP Medicare Advantage (AARP MedicareComplete) or AARP Medicare Part D (AARP MedicareRx) plan through UnitedHealthcare, please click here for more information.
✔ If you are enrolled in a UnitedHealthcare individual or employer-sponsored plan, please click here for more information.
For other health plans, please call members services to find out about hearing aid coverage and any requirements.
9. Do you offer financing for the hearing aids?
✔ hi HealthInnovations offers an interest free payment plan for as low as $110 a month. Please call toll-free 855-523-9355 from 9 am to 5 pm CT, Monday – Friday to check your eligibility.
✔ An AARP credit card is available with interest free options
✔ hi HealthInnovations provides a $100 discount for each hearing aid purchased by a military veteran and his/her spouse.  Please click here for more information.
✔ Other ways to help cover the cost of hearing aids include health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts, state vocational rehabilitation programs, and Medicaid. Please click here for more information.
✔ We don’t accept Care Credit because our mission is to provide high quality hearing aids at an affordable price. The fees associated with Care Credit do not align with that mission.
10. Do you offer hearing aid protection plan?
hi HealthInnovations offers a protection plan at the time of the hearing aid purchase for as low as 14¢ a day. This plan offers a one-time replacement for loss or damage for each covered hearing aid. It also extends the manufacturer warranty to three years from purchase date. 
11. Do hi HealthInnovations' hearing aids come with a warranty?
hi HealthInnovations' hearing aids come with a one year manufacturer warranty. If purchased, the protection plan extends the manufacturer warranty to three years. In the rare event that you need repairs after the warranty period, our service fees are very low compared to the industry.
12. Does hi HealthInnovations service hearing aids?
An experienced service team at hi HealthInnovations offers assessments and minor repairs of hearing aids including cleaning and testing of hearing aid components and replacing ear tubes and tips. Service fees apply. Click here for details. 
13. How long does it take to receive the hearing aids after ordering?
Hearing aids are shipped via U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail and should arrive at your home in 7 to 10 business days after order placement.
14. What is your return policy?
hi HealthInnovations' hearing aids come with a no risk 70 day trial period in which you can return your hearing aids for a full refund for any reason as long as there is no damage to the hearing aids. You only need to pay the shipping costs for the return.