Daily Group Q&A with a Hearing Expert

Are you still contemplating your purchase, or, just receive our hearing aids and want additional information or help?
If so, hi HealthInnovations offers an informative daily phone Q&A session to get ALL of your questions answered by a hearing expert.
This phone discussion is a great way to learn more about hearing loss, hearing aids, and communication tips/strategies. Our knowledgeable hearing experts lead the discussion and individually answer your questions and concerns. You will also get to learn from the questions of others who currently have our hearing aids or need more information. This session is a great interactive tool to help set your mind at ease wherever you may be in the hearing process! We want your journey with hearing aids to be a positive experience, so we look forward to hearing from you today!
We also encourage you to bring family and friends who regularly communicate with you to join the call because communications is a two-way street. People who have brought their family and friends to the calls in the past have gained the most from the discussion.
Monday - Friday, 10 am CT
Call 1-888-844-7278. When prompted, enter the special access code: 9428061#.