Two Easy Steps to Better Hearing


1. Get your hearing tested

Call 855-523-9355 to schedule a hearing test including:
✔ Air conduction (required)
✔ Bone conduction
✔ Word recognition

Be sure to have your health insurance card ready when scheduling an appointment. 

Save time if you've had a hearing test within the past year! 

Simply submit your hearing test results:
    - Online, or
    - Fax with this cover form to 877-955-4336, or,
    - Mail with this cover form to P.O Box 356, Minneapolis, MN 55440

2. Order!
    ✔ We'll call you within 3 days of receiving your results with recommended hearing aid options. 
✔ Your custom programmed hearing aids will be delivered conveniently to you. 

Click here for computer generated hearing test sample 
Click here for hand written hearing test sample