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Jose L. Avila is an experienced, licensed hearing professional serving Southern California. Mr. Avila has helped thousands of patients get back the ability to communicate with their families again. He has been dispensing hearing aids throughout California and is licensed by the Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and Hearing Aids Dispensers Board of California. Mr. Avila’s passion is to educate people on hearing health care and the benefits of wearing hearing aids. He provides exceptional and compassionate service for his patients, utilizing his extensive background working with patients of all ages. Mr. Avila enjoys providing guidance to families and health care professionals who assist people with hearing loss. His goal is to make the transition of using hearing help easier and a great experience. Mr. Avila is also fluent in Spanish.

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We were very impressed with Mr. Avila's presentation. Very professional, congenial,
and informational. He's a great asset to your organization.   - Edward T.  Escondido, CA

Excellent - Very thoughtful, courteous, professional. I can't say enough good about him.
- Florence B.  El Cajon, CA

My experience with Mr Avila was very good. He helped me a lot. I'm very happy with my hearing aids. Thank you so much.   - Argemiro C.  Yucaija, CA

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