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Bill Carr, Hearing Instrument Dispenser

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Modesto San Jose 
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Bill Carr joined hi HealthInnovations in May 2013 as an experienced hearing professional serving the San Jose, Palo Alto, and Campbell areas. Mr. Carr graduated from the hearing aid specialist programs at Sheridan College and George Brown College. He is a licensed Level II Authorizer in hearing aids and augmentative devices in Canada, and is a licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser in California. He has owned and operated many practices in both clinical and retail environments. Mr. Carr has expertise in the following fields: Cognitive Communication & HIV and Communication for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Mr. Carr is hard of hearing and has been a hearing aid user for 50 years, bringing unique first-hand experience and perspective to his patients.
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hi HealthInnovations provides hearing tests and digital hearing aids in the Modesto area!

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Hear what customers are saying about Bill Carr.

My experience with the hi HealthInnovations hearing professional has been excellent! He has made the information very clear and easy to comprehend. I have suggested his program to several of my friends. I feel very confident and secure in doing so.
- Geraldine K.    Laguna Woods, CA

Very professional and thorough in directions. Helpful in every way. A new and nice experience for me. The aids are all I could ask for and will be happy to have.
- Edward F.    Huntington Beach, CA

The hi HealthInnovations Hearing Professional was helpful and knowledgeable. The hearing aids work well for me especially since I'm a singer in group situations. It is now easier to blend with other voices.
- Maureen W.    Mission Viejo, CA

I love my new hearing aids, the hi BTE. Very comfortable and easy to use. He is a really terrific representative. I'd give him an "A!!"
- Nekita H.    Vista, CA

He was very courteous and friendly. He was also very helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend him if asked for a referral.
- Bendell R.    Orange, CA

My interactions with the hi HealthInnovations Hearing Professional were excellent. He has many years of experience and is very informative and detailed in his service. Great customer service.
- David S.    Playa Del Rey, CA