If you are an Audiologist or Hearing Instrument Specialist interested in accepting referrals from
hi HealthInnovations, please email hi@hihealthinnovations.com or
call 1-866-334-4425.

hi Healthinnovations patients are very easy to work with and are excited to obtain hearing instruments at a price they can afford.
- Contracted Hearing Professional
Hemet, CA

It is an easy system with which to work, always someone to answer questions and the software is pretty intuitive. Thank you for making my job easy and hearing aids affordable for so many.

-Contracted Hearing Professional
Yucca Valley, CA

Frequently Asked Questions
Increasing Access to Hearing Healthcare
Hearing loss affects one in five Americans aged 12 and older, and is the third most common chronic condition among older adults; yet it is under-diagnosed and treatment is often expensive. While 90 percent of people with hearing loss could benefit from hearing aids, fewer than 15-20 percent currently use them. hi HealthInnovations seeks to address this important consumer health need by increasing access to hearing screening and hearing aids for those who would benefit from them.

hi HealthInnovations was launched to serve the needs of the 48 million Americans with hearing loss. We are seeking to work with hearing professionals who will help us in this mission by accepting referrals from hi HealthInnovations. We offer a variety of access points into the hearing health system, including:
  • Working with licensed hi HealthInnovations hearing professionals
  • Working with independent, licensed hearing professionals to whom hi HealthInnovations customers are referred
  • Hearing testing in the primary care setting to help identify hearing loss
By offering customers additional options, hi HealthInnovations believes that more people will screen for hearing loss and seek treatment. And, as more people enter the hearing health system, the need for access to hearing professionals will increase.

A Simplified Referral Process

hi HealthInnovations will refer customers to independent hearing providers through referrals when a hi HealthInnovations hearing professional is not available. Professional services will be paid for separately from the hearing aids. There are many benefits to accepting referrals from
hi HealthInnovations, including:

  • Most professional service fees are paid directly by the customer at the time of the service (unless the professional services are covered by the customer's health plan).
  • Customers receive information from hi HealthInnovations about the services they need and the prices they will pay prior to their appointment, so they are informed and have clear expectations when they arrive for their appointment.

Four Simple Steps in the Referral Process

Step 1:  Customer contacts hi HealthInnovations, inquiring about hearing testing, ear molds or local hearing professional support for programming adjustments.
Step 2:  hi HealthInnovations provides the customer with the local hearing professional’s contact information and informs them of the service fees.
Step 3:  Customer contacts the hearing professional to schedule an appointment and brings the Visit Expectation Sheet with them to the appointment.
Step 4:  Customer completes a response card about their visit and sends it to hi HealthInnovations.

Customer Support Provided by hi HealthInnovations

Every hearing aid order is reviewed by a licensed hi HealthInnovations hearing professional to ensure suitability based on hearing test results. We host daily, free seminars over the phone on hearing health and effective communication strategies. In addition, captioned videos in English and Spanish are available to customers on how to use, clean and maintain hearing aids. Toll-free telephonic support is also available at 855-523-9355 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday. hi HealthInnovations hearing professionals are available to consult with customers both over the phone and in person (where available).

If you are interested in accepting referrals from hi HealthInnovations, or have questions, please send an email to hi@hihealthinnovations.com or call 1-866-334-4425.