Audiologist and Hearing Instrument Specialist
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is hi HealthInnovations?
hi HealthInnovations is a UnitedHealth Group business that seeks to increase access to hearing testing and deliver high quality hearing solutions at low cost to consumers.
Who are hi HealthInnovations customers?
hi HealthInnovations serves many customer segments including:

  • - Members who have UnitedHealthcare insurance either through their current or former employer group, or purchased health plan coverage on their own.
  • - hi HealthInnovations also works with health plans outside of UnitedHealthcare.
  • - hi HealthInnovations works with consumers who contact us directly without any health plan affiliation.
How can I identify a hi HealthInnovations customer?
hi HealthInnovations customers are instructed to identify themselves when they contact a provider to schedule an appointment. All customers referred are instructed to bring their hi HealthInnovations Visit Expectation Sheet with them at the appointment.
Can I charge the patient and/or his or her health plan?
If you provide services covered by the patient’s health plan, you may bill the health plan for those services. Please work directly with the patient and his/her health plan to identify those covered services and obtain answers to any billing-related questions. The patient is responsible for any charges that are not covered by his or her health plan, and you may bill the patient for these charges. Note, however, that by accepting patients referred by hi HealthInnovations, you agree to charge such patients the lesser of your usual charges or the amounts on the hi HealthInnovations fee schedule. hi HealthInnovations is not responsible for payment of any of your charges.
How many referrals can I expect to get?
Referrals are dependent on the locations of our customers and should be considered incremental to your existing business. As our customer base expands, we expect referrals will increase. We collect information from customers regarding their satisfaction with their experience during the visit. We will make referrals largely based on customer satisfaction.
How will your customers find out about my clinic?
Customers will be referred to your location by our customer service team and you will also be listed on our website.
Will you provide me with the programming equipment and cables should I need to modify the hearing aid programming?
Yes, hi HealthInnovations will facilitate access to the hearing aid programming software and equipment. If you don’t already have eMiniTech or Hi Pro programming equipment, you may purchase an eMiniTech at a discounted rate through hi HealthInnovations. We will also provide training on transmitting hearing test results and programming data for hi HealthInnovations aids.
What features do hi HealthInnovations premium, digital hearing aids offer?
  • - 12 Gain Adjustment Bands
  • - Directional Processing
  • - Advanced Adaptive Feedback Manager
  • - Tri-Mode Noise Reduction System
  • - Automatic Gain Control
  • - Open-fit design
  • - Telecoil
How long is the warranty for hi HealthInnovations hearing aids?
We provide a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on each hearing aid, starting on the date of shipment to the consumer. If at our examination it is determined that the unit failed to work due to parts, materials or workmanship, the device will be repaired or replaced for free. This warranty does not cover malfunctions due to unusual wear and tear, unauthorized alteration or mistreatment of the device, such as physical shock, damage from moisture or sweat, excessive wax build-up, or tampering with the instrument, all of which void the warranty. This warranty does not cover batteries, ear tubes & tips, and accessories. hi HealthInnovations is the only authorized service center for this warranty service.
What type of support do customers get after they purchase hearing aids?

Captioned videos are available to customers on how to use, clean and maintain hearing aids. Daily new user support sessions are available where consumers can ask a hi HealthInnovations audiologist any questions they may have. Toll-free telephone support is also available at 855-523-9355 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday. hi HealthInnovations hearing professionals are available to consult with customers both over the phone and in person.
How do I join the hi HealthInnovations network?
  • - Email us at or call 1-866-334-4425 to request the hi HealthInnovations Agreement and Schedule of Charges and hi HealthInnovations Provider Application.
  • - Review the hi HealthInnovations Agreement and Schedule of Charges and complete the hi HealthInnovations Provider Application.
  • - When your paperwork has been accepted, you will be invited to a bi-weekly webinar that will provide a program overview and cover frequently asked questions.
  • - Be prepared to see hi HealthInnovations customers.
If I have additional questions where should I go?
Email your questions to or call 1-866-334-4425.