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Steven Tarr, HAS, BC-HIS

hi HealthInnovations hearing professional serving the following areas:

- Sarasota - Fort Myers
- Cape Coral - Port Charlotte

Steven Tarr is an experienced, national board certified licensed hearing professional. After serving senior populations in many aspects for over 20 years, Steven found the hearing profession to be the most satisfying. By providing patients with practical hearing solutions, Steven feels he is not only helping the hearing impaired, but also helping to restore their relationships. Steven focusses on reducing the stigma associated with hearing loss and hearing aids by participating in numerous health fairs, discussions, and small group presentations in Florida. Steven serves the Sarasota, Cape Coral and Fort Myers areas of Florida.

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Call toll-free 1-855-523-9355 today to set up your complimentary hearing evaluation with Steven Tarr or another local hi HealthInnovations hearing professional.

Hear what customers are saying about Steven Tarr.

He was comfortable to be with, friendly, and confident, while being professional.
- Angelo D. N. Fort Myers, FL

He put me at ease right away. He was also patient and explained everything thoroughly.
- Myra N. Englewood, FL

5 star!
- Sarasota, FL

Helpful, informative, professional.
- Thalia, C.  Bonita Springs, FL

Very good - handled everything to my satisfaction.
- Michael W.  Ft. Myers, FL

Very good and informative.
- Gloria K.  Ft. Myers, FL

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