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Charlie Brown, BC-HIS

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Charlie is an experienced, licensed hearing professional serving the St. Louis area. Charlie is a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist and has over 15 years of experience. Because Charlie has worn hearing aids for over 30 years, and has bilateral cochlear implants, he understands and can help with the problems associated with hearing loss.  Hearing loss also runs in his family. His mother has a cochlear implant, and both of his children wear hearing aids.  Charlie can provide guidance on improving communications in different situations, such as a busy restaurant, hearing on the phone and understanding the television. He provides exceptional and compassionate service for his patients.
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hi HealthInnovations provides hearing tests and digital hearing aids in the St. Louis area!

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100 Chesterfield Business Parkway, 2nd Floor, St. Louis, MO 63005

Hear what customers are saying about Charlie Brown.

Charlie did an excellent job. I have worn aids for 40 years and worked with 5 or 6 different aid professionals. Mr. Brown ranks with the best. The aid I bought seems to be working as well as any aid I have ever owned and I have always had top of the line aids. 
- Ralph W.   Edwardsville, IL

Mr. Brown was very thoughtful and caring. I was very comfortable and confident with his recommendation and care. I am very happy with my hearing aids. 
- Frayne T.   St. Peters, MO

Charlie is a friendly customer-oriented audiologist who wants to please and make his clients happy and satisifed with their aids. Your company is fortunate to find such as he.
- Keith Lake  Saint Louis, MO

Very good at his job. Very friendly.
- Jim B.  Warrenton, MO

Charlie took good care of us. No problems.
- Ron W.  St. Peters, MO

He gave a complete hearing test. Then explained the difference in the three hearing aids. He also helped me with the decision and explained the use and care. He couldn't have been more helpful.
- Mary D.  St. Louis, MO

I was very impressed with Charlie's service, his knowledge and his customer service. I am very happy with the product he set up for me. I am also very glad I met with Charlie to have him test me and fit me with the aids he suggested. I have referred my brother to Charlie.
- Thomas   St. Louis, MO

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