Military Veteran's Hearing Aid Discount Program

hi HealthInnovations wants to thank military veterans for their service by offering a $100 discount for each hearing aid purchased by a military veteran and his/her spouse. This program is for veterans and their spouses who do not qualify for the Department of Veterans Affairs hearing aid coverage or choose not to use that coverage.

Hearing aids can cost thousands of dollars each, but with this discount from
hi HealthInnovations, high quality, custom-programmed hearing aids cost only $699 - $899 each depending on the model chosen. Discount cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

Three simple steps to better hearing:

1) Get your hearing tested.

2) Along with your hearing test results, fax your military ID card or discharge papers to 1-877-955-4336 or mail to: hi HealthInnovations, P.O. Box 356, Minneapolis, MN 55440. Please make sure to include your telephone number on your hearing test results.

3) After one of our hearing professionals reviews your test results, we will call you with your hearing aid recommendations.