Exclusive Hearing Aid Discounts for Veterans

Hearing aids are comfortable and easy to use.
Robert V. (U.S. Army 1967 - 1969)
“The hearing aids from hi HealthInnovations are very comfortable and easy to use. My family and friends cannot even tell I am wearing them. I am much more aware of what is going on around me, and my wife says I don’t talk nearly as loud anymore. I am enjoying sounds that I haven’t heard in a long time like the blinker on my car and people whispering. I find it much easier to hear my grandson. I highly recommend hi HealthInnovations.”
Thank you for your service!
We are offering a $100 discount for each hearing aid purchased by a military veteran and his/her spouse.* Hearing aids can cost thousands of dollars each, but with this discount, highly rated digital hearing aids cost as low as $699 each.
Easy Steps to Order
1. Get your hearing tested
Call 855-523-9355 to schedule a hearing test including:

✔ Air conduction (required)
✔ Bone conduction
✔ Word recognition

2. Send your hearing test results and a copy of military ID card or discharge papers 

Online, or
✔ Fax with this cover form to 877-955-4336, or,
✔ Mail with this cover form to P.O Box 356, Minneapolis, MN 55440

3. Order!
✔ We'll call you within 3 days of receiving your results with recommended hearing aid options.
✔ Your custom programmed hearing aids will be delivered conveniently to you.
*Discount cannot be combined with other offers or benefits. Veterans choosing to use their Department of Veterans Affairs discount should contact that department to purchase hearing aids.