Highly Rated Hearing Aids

hi ITC®
Nearly invisible. Fits comfortably in the ear
Color: Champagne
Custom Programming
Digitally programmed to your hearing needs with 12 gain adjustment bands
Directional Processing
Enhances the sounds in front of you while reducing background noise
Automatic Volume Adjustments
Helps you hear soft sounds while keeping loud noises at a comfortable level


Additional Benefits

  • More natural sound quality and comfort with open fit design
  • Reduces distracting environmental noises to make listening to speech more comfortable
  • Better durability with moisture resistant coating

Included with your order: Extra batteries, dome, retention ring, wax guards and carrying pouch!

hi ITC<sup>&reg</sup>
hi ITC®
Nearly invisible, In-the-Canal (ITC) hearing aids. Comfortable open-fit. Mild to moderate hearing loss. A hearing test is required to custom-program your hearing aids and process your order.
Price: $999.00
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Product Detail
hi ITC®
Nearly invisible. Fits comfortably in the ear